Harnessing Internet Power

With the most recent way-of-life rules put in place, daily habits and needs shifted. Our way of connection to nearly everything environmental instantaneously went digital. Most of the planet felt a total loss to the live music and arts industry. On the other hand, a few people were undoubtedly prepared, practiced and ready to play. Plenty of artists have posted events and premiered their first ever live feed, internet based shows.

Since 2009, singer/songwriter Heatherlyn decided to make the full time commitment to her pursuit. Quitting all jobs, she went on tour. She calls her partner Jason a magician – he maps the stage lights and sound just right to deliver precisely what comes from the performer. The two wanted to stay connected to everyone they cared about from all around while Heatherlyn toured. So, they launched LIVE Online with Heatherlyn. Pulling off perfected streaming concerts and sit down conversations, she continues to calendar later dates. The accomplished entertainer has some sort of intuitive vision. She has also been releasing content via her Patreon website for over three years.

Heatherlyn in her element.

In the “gig economy”, as Heatherlyn calls it in a Soul Stories discussion, having what it takes isn’t up for questioning. It’s a rough schedule; a stagehand or any facet of a production crew knows how valid that can be to describe an entertainment career. She had made mentions of touring “really hard” in the beginning. While doing so, she said it was also “work for your work”. Instead of tirelessly striving to only possibly get what was deserved out of that system, she had a big motivating factor to do something different. Heatherlyn wanted to execute a more progressive movement of performing: a notion for community and with community.

Photo by Nick Velharticky at Red Rocks

Great icons house a mastered craft. They become legends because they spill that mastery endlessly for the people. As it would for any person trying to provide value, acquiring resources as a sentiment is most moving to this artist. Changing the business imposed view of how a creator’s life is supposed to be scheduled, funded and performed is a huge additional driver for Heatherlyn. Remember to listen in on the podcast episode from Soul Stories and get her perspective first hand.

Going LIVE Online with Heatherlyn every Wednesday night for the foreseeable stay-at-home orders‘ future will certainly bring a calm into your week that we all could use. Soothe the bizarre feeling floating in your days. We’ll tell you to bring a beverage, as she usually suggests it. Relish in your slippers or full coffee shop attire. Another goal of hers is to kill the myth that we have to undertake life in isolation – musician or not. Hang out with other folks alike and enjoy Heatherlyn! Click on any of her preferred platforms to help sustain: Venmo, PayPal and (of course!) Patreon. She is always profusely thankful to her supporters and patrons. Heatherlyn genuinely loves her rock solid audience and she is constantly giving the gift of her art to us, no matter the circumstances. Indisputably, we’ll see more.

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