Heatherlyn’s Online Concert Kick Off

LIVE Online With Heatherlyn boasts over 3,500 followers and with good reason. Hosting a few outlets, not limited to only her own website, Heatherlyn is fluent in live digital shows and more than comfortable with in home talks. Since moving homes in December of 2016, the artist and her partner Jason have worked together, aspiring to connect with others by utilizing the power of the internet. Originally from Maine and traveling typically being part of the gig, this singer/songwriter strives for closeness to her fans and family wherever they may be. 

Our odd Wednesday night was lightened up despite the world’s conditions. Heatherlyn suggested bringing a “cozy beverage” as well as your whole self, no matter what that might look like right now. A peaceful house concert loaded with acoustics brought better vibrations to viewers. Honest, clean vocals sang meaningful poetry and manifested how it feels to have healing from music. Reminders to breathe and little giggles during the songs and conversation settled in quite nice. Physical versus social distancing was clarified during our online treat – mostly because you could sense the difference happening due to the privilege of technology.

The set-list delivered all requested, all original songs from the writer except for the opening cover tune Crowded Table by Highwomen. Home With You was put in for multiple times, but they unanimously wanted the original interpretation. The tune itself was first on her debut self titled album from 2008, but it is no longer in circulation. Heatherlyn announced she will be re-recording the track among others. Currently on her Story Dwelling album, Home With You (Continued) contains 3 added verses. Her ending thoughts of the song: “All the times are times for love.” Later, Live Your Life was explained as, “Not a YOLO, you only live once so live life recklessly kind of song.” Much deeper than that, she elaborated emphasizing words like deliberate, intentional, forgiveness, grace, and “to do everything with all the love and kindness that is within us.” She also insists that we know our worth. Appropriately played at this event, One Heart had only previously been recorded as a Patreon Solo Acoustic Exclusive. To this song she spoke, “We’re all interconnected, for better or worse, the good stuff and the bad stuff, we all belong to each other. … We’re in this together.” Moves towards recording this track are in the making as well.

Heatherlyn’s Facebook stream proved we can come together in spite of the live scene being shut down. The video managed over 5,400 views in less than 24 hours so be sure to check it out for yourself. Encouraging audience engagement elevated what community can be and the support for other artists was and is pioneering. The Story Dwelling series on her live page also features compelling talks from people of all life walks while incorporating her own sprinkle of live performance. Whether singing all around Denver or the internet, the artist doesn’t limit herself to only working alone. She appears in podcasts like Soul Stories to tell parts of her story and never stops giving the shout outs to other collaborations. Plans to partner up with TJ Guardino are majorly exciting news for Heatherlyn’s fans. 

More videos, shows and releases are sure to come. Only using one instrument seemed abnormal for her – she commented on not even getting to the ukulele in this show. That means added streaming dates and music from the artist, so stay tuned!

Heatherlyn was and is always extremely thankful to her Patreons! She said your support is more than helpful in these times. This event allowed for a “virtual tip jar”, changeable to fit your needs. If you’d like to give one time or become an ongoing Patreon, please do so via these platforms: Patreon, Venmo or PayPal. Those who cannot contribute at this time, live streaming was a gift to you and thank you for being present. Everyone who is able, we’ll wave at one another outside on a walk someday so soon. 


1. Crowded Table (cover from Highwomen)
2. Be Here Now
3. Another Sunset
4. Home With You (Original)
5. Always Got Time For Love
6. Live Your Life
7. One Heart
8. Soul Nap
9. Be The Love
10. Ever 

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